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What The Dog and I Do In a Blizzard

On days when we cannot make our way down the sidewalk due to drifting snow, writing keeps me sane. But what about Cooper?

Patricia Timmermans
2 min readNov 5, 2022


picture of two chairs covered in snow
Image credit: the author We left the chairs out


The snow has started, but it isn’t falling nicely like it does for Norman Rockwell. It’s been blowing and howling and cuts through our clothes like a knife.

When we shovel the walks early, they’re covered again by noon. Some days we wait, though if we clear them every few hours, there’s a chance we’ll be able to identify them when the snowfall ends.

In my About Me story, I said that during winter up North we either watch hockey, drink beer, or write. Well, there’s no game on and it’s too chilly for beer and I don’t like it much anyway, so I’m writing.

But what about Cooper?

It was our first winter together when I discovered that he loves ice.

This video is 45 seconds — you might like it. There’s music!

Usually, I get bundled up for the cold and take some videos and snow pics.

photo of Cooper a black lab in the snow
Photo credit: the author This is winter 2021
photo of snow on the crabapple tree
Image credit the author: the crabapples haven’t fallen yet
Photo of a black lab Cooper in the snow
Image credit: the author, this is last week November 2022
photo of snow on the firepit and planter pots
Image credit the author: the firepit looks like a cake
picture of the fireplace buried in snow
Image credit: the author

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