Too Many Ai Stories – I’d Rather Read Stories By You

Community isn’t bots and Ai essays, it’s people, unique and beautiful with minds and hearts, pens and keyboards … and original thoughts.

Patricia Timmermans


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I suspect I’m not alone in becoming weary of reading stories and articles put together artificially in mere seconds by Ai.

But honestly, I’d rather read genuine stories, opinions, poems, diatribes and rants, written by you.

How do I know which stories are written with Ai?

I can’t be 100 percent certain, but when it feels suspicious, I’m a solid 80 percent sure, maybe 75.

Stories by Ai sound textbook perfect, are usually over-the-top formal, and often cluttered with words most of us don’t use unless we’re in a spelling bee.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate good grammar, spelling, and form but when the voice is too impersonal on top of everything else, I begin to tune out.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate this exciting new era…I mean, we’re still at the beginning with figuring out the possibilities and potential uses for Ai.

But like many Medium members, when I joined, it was to read stories, be inspired, learn, and be part of a smart community of writers, human ones.

Stories created by Ai are not you.

We’re unique

I love reading stories written by both English speaking, and by writers whose first language isn’t English.


Because it’s you on the page. Your words and thoughts written by the unique person you are, your translation into a language you may not speak at the evening dinner table with your family.

Your accent

When I read something written by my British friends, my mind reads it with a British accent. Yes, seriously.

Also English that is spoken and written by a writer whose first language is not, is musical in my mind’s ear.

Among European, Arabic, and Asian languages, the accents I know, sound equally beautiful.

I can’t forget to mention … when a story contains the word schadenfreude, I hear it in German, stern German.

Since the beginning of the internet, it’s true I’m older than the internet, a phenomenon my young grand son finds hilarious, the world is smaller.

We’re all more connected than ever before, yet still so different and interesting.

I am, right now, using Ai to find a more interesting word for interesting.

To sum it up

Stories about you, your colorful life and travels, your jobs and hobbies, written authentically, are 100 percent more of a pleasure to read than those that are purely Ai created, well, to me anyway.

In conclusion

Thanks for indulging me and my little rant.

Tell me I’m not alone here, or that I’m not out in left field being 75 percent sure, of the ones I’m 100 percent suspicious of, and tuning them out.

P. S. I know you know, I proofread that last paragraph myself.

End of rant.



Patricia Timmermans

My guide dog and I visit schools to raise awareness for sight loss; the kids’ questions make great stories! Plus, I love books and writing book reviews. 🇨🇦