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There Are No Guarantees — Just Start Writing

Some ups and downs and a few highlights from a year’s worth of stories …

Patricia Timmermans
4 min readSep 24, 2022


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Nearly a year ago I felt that I was ready, it was time to write my stories and document things that I did not want to risk losing.

Even if I would only be doing it for my future self, I needed to record the milestones as well as the ordinary moments. I felt like I was working with borrowed time.

As for writing eloquently, like so many writers here already, I knew I had work to do. But what better way to improve than to surround yourself with people whose skills you admire?

I accepted that and got started.

But alas, I was too wordy

When I started writing I did a little too much explaining and used too many words to make a point. But fortunately for me, I stumbled upon short-form writing, perfect!

My stories would become more readable, they’d have fewer unnecessary words (those may be unnecessary words right there, and probably the ‘alas’ could go… ).

Then I found the 10-word story challenge and tried it. What could I say in 10 words? It seemed that a lot could be said as little yarns of truth.

Read more and write better

After a few months, I began unselfishly setting some time aside during evenings and on weekends to read. Reading makes your writing better, they all say so. They’re right.

Why borrowed time?

You may be wondering why I say borrowed time.

Whether we move ahead or procrastinate, the clock keeps ticking, we can’t know how much time we really have to do the things we want to do.

Who would have imagined, in autumn of 2020, that in a few short months we’d all be sitting in our homes watching a vicious little virus make its way around the planet while thinking of the things we might have done?

Closer to home

The lady who is 90 won’t be around forever, and one day I will love reading our conversations. I can’t forget about the day she left me…



Patricia Timmermans

My guide dog and I visit schools to raise awareness for sight loss; the kids’ questions make great stories! Plus, I love books and writing book reviews. 🇨🇦