No Healing Prayers Please — Rather, Be Like The Child

A wish for myself and on behalf of individuals living with a disability

Patricia Timmermans
5 min readDec 3, 2023


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It’s not every day you see a dog in church and on that particular day, one lady could not resist him…

First, let me back up a bit, here’s the scene:

Occasionally Mr. Dale and I, with Cooper, my guide dog, will accompany my mom who is 90, to church. She misses my dad who passed away some time ago, and claims now she’s lonely in church.

I say claims because, from the moment she steps through the doors, she’s got people commenting. For example, a young couple tells her that her tan has been fading since their trip to the Holy Land. She waves it off and asks about their new baby.

Then there’s Ned, whose name I changed, on the off chance Ned’s wife reads Medium stories.

Ned reminds my mom that he would have dated her back in ‘52 if my dad hadn’t snapped her up first — I’m seriously glad my dad snapped her up.

Anyway, I appreciate the friendliness of the people in my mom’s church, but I did not expect the greeting I, a visitor, got that day — thanks to my dog Cooper, who was just doing his job, zig-zagging us through the people gathered in the lobby.

That day — praying lady

After the service, Cooper and I were headed toward the exit, Dale and my mom lagged behind.

Cooper had us nearly at the doors when a younger lady walked over and said what a good job I was doing training the dog. I replied that he’d been trained for me.

The younger lady fell over herself apologizing saying she was so sorry and asked if she could pray over me.

I said, No, I’m fine, thanks anyway.

She insisted and once again I said, No really, I’m good. God gave my dog the smarts to get us from A to B. He’s a great guide dog — we’re doing fine.

So she turned her attention to Cooper and said, Then I’ll pray for the dog.



Patricia Timmermans

My guide dog and I visit schools to raise awareness for sight loss; the kids’ questions make great stories! Plus, I love books and writing book reviews. 🇨🇦