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If People Said to My Husband, Things They Say to My Guide Dog

Advice from guide dog Cooper: On my day off, Mr. Dale will accompany Pat to the places I usually go with her. These are some things people say to us during a typical workday…

Patricia Timmermans
4 min readOct 15, 2023


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Cooper: this is a quick guide for Mr. Dale (the husband of Patricia), and it will give him an idea of what to expect from random people out there, aka Joe Public, and what she’ll say.

I’ll add hints for Mr. Dale so he won’t have to wing it, ready Dale?

Things people say to guide dogs:

Joe Public: What a handsome boy!

Pat: Yes he is, and he thinks so too.

Note to Dale: People compliment me a lot, don’t overthink it, smile and look straight ahead.

Joe Public: How old is he?

Pat: He’s getting up there, just a couple of years from retirement.

Joe Public: What will happen to him then?

Pat: I might keep him. If not, a nice family will adopt him I’m sure.

Note to Dale: Don’t worry, she’ll keep you. She’s invested too much into the relationship to let you go that easily.

Joe Public: Does he grocery shop with you?

Pat: Yes and you should see him at the deli counter…

Note to Dale: Try not to drool thinking about it.

I explained it in this story:

Joe Public: He’s so smart!

Pat: He really is, and he’ll do pretty much anything for treats.

Note to Dale: Resist the urge to say, ‘It depends on the treats if you know what I mean’. Just look straight ahead.



Patricia Timmermans

My guide dog and I visit schools to raise awareness for sight loss; the kids’ questions make great stories! Plus, I love books and writing book reviews. 🇨🇦