Buddy the cat

Buddy, the Cat Formerly of No Fixed Address

Word in the alley is that the Timmermans’ place is a rest stop for traveling cats

Patricia Timmermans
6 min readApr 6, 2022


Picture of an orange and white cat sitting next to a pot of flowers
Photo by author. This is Buddy

Global warming is not yet affecting us in Alberta, Canada.

Winter lasts six months, and we endure week after torturous week of -30C temperatures. We cannot, in good conscience, ignore a cat who’s been lost or left outside.

Word has spread in the feline community (I’m sure), that the Timmermans’ place is a way-station for traveling cats.

Cats will stop and check if we’re home. If they need a safe place, they’ll find it in the back garden. Sometimes we’ll offer a dish of food, then they’ll be on their way. If a cat sticks around, we’ll check for a tattoo, and our community page online for a ‘lost cat’ notice.

It’s a pet friendly community and we’re proud of that.

The orange and white cat

About 4 years ago a certain traveling cat started coming by regularly, to visit.

I’d be in the garden and would feel ‘eyes’ on me. When I glanced around, I’d catch an orange and white cat staring at me from across the garden. When I moved he would dart away.

One morning at 6:45, Dale had just stepped out the door, heading to work, but came right back in for a dish of cat food.

He said, “There’s an orange and white cat who’s been greeting me every morning, and today he looks famished.”

“Hey, I’ve seen him,” I said, and we brought out a dish of food. We have cat food on hand for Zoey, our little Houdini cat.

The orange and white cat seemed nervous about me, but stood on his hind legs and reached up to get a head scratch from Dale. It looked like they’d been practicing this!

We called our orange and white visitor, Buddy; and we got used to having him come and go as he pleased.

We were familiar with this behavior from our years with teens.

On an occasional morning, Buddy would show up with dirty feet and black smudges on his face, looking like he’d been hunting or fighting.



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